BSCI – Adore Mobilya


Social Compliance Policy;

With this policy, Adore Furniture Inc. emphasizes the importance and priority of our social responsibility principles and related sanctions for our employees.
Adore Furniture Inc. It considers acting with the awareness of social responsibility in all its activities as one of the basic and unchangeable elements of its management approach, as part of its core values ​​of humility, respect for people, and closeness to the public. In this context, we expect the managers and employees, who take part in all processes in our company, to be responsible for their economic, social, and environmental impacts and to prioritize the development of the society. Our understanding of social responsibility always takes the family, society, and the environment into consideration and cannot limit it to what we do.

Our employees accept and undertake that they can work overtime when necessary in accordance with their job description and that they will not act in violation of the employment contract.

The vacant positions required by the company management are determined and employed in accordance with the law and within the framework of certain rules. It is committed to employing employees on the basis of their ability to do the job, not strictly according to language, religion, race, sect, color, ethnic origin, marital status, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, age, pregnancy, and disability.

Employment contracts of foreign employees in the company are also drawn up in their own languages. Original documents can not be taken from the person’s own diploma, etc.… Notarized copies are taken. The legal rights of foreign employees to work are protected by the company.

The company cannot employ illegal workers.

In case the employee leaves his/her job, the company cannot prevent or postpone this except for any security reason.

Our workplace adheres to the minimum age provisions of applicable laws and regulations. Our workplace prohibits persons under the age of 18 from working in positions that require work in danger. The prohibition of our work on child labor complies with the Labor Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law, and other legal regulations and International Labor Organization standards.

Our company undertakes to comply with the laws and obligations in force in determining the working hours, to comply with the principle of voluntary overtime, to comply with the weekly and annual overtime limits specified by the Laws and customer standards, and to pay them overtime wages calculated from the increased wages specified by the Laws. Rest Days and Holidays Employees cannot be deprived of rest and holidays within the framework of their legal rights. Personnel working six days a week are given a one-day holiday. Along with the efficient working principle, it complies with the laws and regulations in force, volunteering in overtime in determining working hours.

Our company ensures the creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace environment. It aims to ensure the continuity of the employees by creating a safe, healthy, and productive work environment by minimizing the risk of exposure to accidents, injuries, and all kinds of factors that threaten health. It undertakes to take necessary measures by examining the factors and conditions affecting the health and safety of workers, subcontractor employees, visitors, customers, and any person in the workplace.

Our company undertakes to create alternative methods by which every employee can convey their wishes and complaints, to establish an appropriate working environment by timely and effective evaluation and feedback, and that no retaliation will be made against the employee’s request and complaint notification.

In order to ensure disciplined work by the company, the rules determined by the disciplinary board are applied under the management of the Human Resources Manager. In order to ensure disciplined work, disciplinary rules determined by this board are applied.

All the principles in this policy document are put into practice with the necessary regulations and the level of the implementation is audited by the relevant units. Company Management, The success of these units in social responsibility practices is considered as an important criterion in the evaluation of company performance. The corporate social responsibility activities we carry out as Adore Furniture Inc. are shared with the public through our website.

With this policy, Adore Furniture Inc. has been prepared to share with all our employees a clear commitment that it will fulfill all its responsibilities for a better world and future.

Adore Furniture Inc. undertakes to improve the implementation of the “BSCI” standard.